Plasma Gasification


Plasma is the fourth state of nature. It is an ionized gas where electrons are flowing freely and imparts positive or negative charges to atoms, making it a highly efficient conductor of electricity and generator of heat. Electricity is fed to a torch, which has two electrodes, creating an arc.

Inert gas is passed through the arc, heating the process gas to internal temperature to 5000-10,000°C.When this arc comes in contact with waste in an oxygen starved environment it dissociates into its basic constituent molecules of CO and H2.

This is called syngas and it has tremendous potential of being channelled.It has a Huge Potential in the area of municipal waste management and plant discharge

Solid Waste Material Net Power Output(M/W Tonne)
Hazardous Waste 1.0
Bio Medical Waste 1.6
Oil Sludge 2.2
Tyres 1.8
Plastics 2.1
MSW (20% Moisture) 0.6 To 0.7
Agro Waste 0.8 To 1.0