Plastic to Diesel Conversion


Proprietary process to convert plastic waste into high grade fuel

Four-Stage process to achieves period disel hire GCB and lower sulphur content

Batch process with plant capacity of one to twenty tons per batch or in multiple of same.

Closed loop process for high energy efficency.

Selection of feed stocks which have good oil recovery.

Use of catalysts and additivs for cleaner fuel.

High safety with process at low temprature range.

Acceptable plastic feed stocks

hdpe (high density polyethylene). examples: crinkly shopping bags, freezer bags, milk bottles, bleach bottles, buckets, rigid pipes and crates.

ldpe (low density polyethylene). examples: garbage bags, squeeze bottles, black irrigation tubes, films, etc

pp (polypropylene). examples: trays, potato bags, drinking straws, containers, tubs, plastic garden settings, baby baths and plastic boxes.

ps (polystyrene). examples: trays, yoghurt & dairy containers, vending cups

Acceptable Agro feed stock:

Jatropha, Soya fatty, Mustard, Palm oil, Sunflower, Cotton oil, Cotton seeds, Coconut, Virgin oil, Rape seeds oil, Jojoba, Flax seeds.

Capacities: we offer consulatancy as well as turn key projects for 1tpd/5tpd/25tpd/50tpd and 100 tpd plants 


Self-sufficiency for fuel (typically for industrial/commercial) fuel requirement.

Proprietary technology developed for a hybrid product in conjunction with Bio-Diesel with low Sulphur values and GCV about kcal/kg.

Available in batch operations, energy efficient technology

Well-engineered plants ensuring superior quality of fuel.

Eco-friendly process, no harmful gases/effluent produced.

Fuel can be further distilled for use as synthetic diesel without the emissions associated with diesel for transport applications, use in diesel burners, in automobiles.