Industrial Pellet Burner


  • High combustion efficiency.
  • Auto-ignition of pellet fuel.
  • Easy cleaning of ash.
  • Optimal fuel to air ratio for torrefyer and clinker free operation.
  • Retro fitting in existing systems, possible as well within few hours.
  • Low cost.
  • Spreader systems for auto feed of pellets to replace diesel, furnace oil, LPG or briquettes.
  • S No. Stove Model Capacity Fuel
    1 MODEL NE-150 1 Lakh KCal/Hr 25 kg/Hr
    2 MODEL NE-2000 2 Lakh KCal/Hr 50 kg/Hr
    3 MODEL NE-300 3 Lakh KCal/Hr 75 kg/Hr
    4 MODEL NE-400 4 Lakh KCal/Hr 100 kg/Hr
    5 MODEL NE-500 5 Lakh KCal/Hr 125 kg/Hr
    6 MODEL NE-600 6 Lakh KCal/Hr 150 kg/Hr
    7 MODEL NE-600 8 Lakh KCal/Hr 200 kg/Hr
    8 MODEL NE-600 10 Lakh KCal/Hr 250 kg/Hr
    9 MODEL NE-600 12 Lakh KCal/Hr 300 kg/Hr

    Target Industries for Pellet Burner

    Snacks Industry Sweets Making
    Paint Shop Ovens Bangles Making
    Metal Smelting:Aluminium,Lead,Zinc etc... Dairy Industries
    Plastic Mouldings Replacing Thermic Fluid Heater
    Powder Coating High Tempreture Furnace-Annealing/Hardening
    Varnishing Preheat Of Iron & Steal
    Teflon Coating Sand Blasting
    Electrode Drying Bitumen Mixing
    Electrode Plating Textile Dyeing
    Paint Baking Bakery Ovens/Rotary
    PVC Granules Drying Baby Boilers
    Spices Drying Plastic Extrusion
    Dry Fruit Drying Hot Air Generaors(Printing & Lamination)
    Pottery Paint Drying Soap & Detergent Industry
    Grains Drawing Chemical Industry
    Corrugated Boxes Jwellary Processing
    Laundry/Dry Cleaning Hot Water Generator