Pellet Fuel

Pellet Fuel:

Nugreen has developed a wide variety of pellets from agri forest as well as industrial waste apart from wood pellete.

Pellets are universally accepted clean and green biofuels made from compressed organic matter or biomass.

Wood pellets are the most common type of pellet fuel and are generally made from compacted sawdust.

Types Of Nugreen Pellet Fuel

Unique Bio-Mass cum Industrial waste Hybrid Pellets some of which are first time in the world

Largest range of Bio-Fuels

Benefits of using Agrolet Pellet:

Eco Friendly Fuel as it is non hazardous, safe to use and store and pollution free with lowest emissions.

It is more economical than solid fuels (like LPG/Coal/Furnace Oil/Gas/husk/wood).

6kg of steam = 1kg of pellets.

Distribution/Transportation cost is less than that of the solid fuels.

Every ton of pellets used vs. oil reduces the Co2 emission by about 1.5 ton.

Bulk density is over 600kg/cum so easy to store, transport and automatically convey.

Very low ash content 2-5%, consistent moisture below 10% , and calorific value above 4200kcal/kg.

High thermal conversion of about 85%

Advantages Of Using Wood/ Agri Pellets:

  • Manufactured in highly advanced European plants in accordance with the international standards
  • Available in diameter size of 6 mm, 8mm upto 23 mm
  • Nugreen has developed in-house biofuel pellets using all types of Agro wastes
  • Easily compatible with wide variety pellet based burning devices like pellet burners, cook stoves, Spreaders etc…
  • Produced without any organic or chemical additives.
  • Reduced carbon emissions – much less than oil, log, coal or gas-fired burners
  • One of the highest GCV and lowest ash content in the indian sub-continent.
  • More price stability than many other forms of fuel.
  • Pellets burn cleanly and more efficiently compared to coal, logs or wood chip
  • Convenient and safe to store compared to gas, coal, oil

Specifications Of Wood Pellets:

S No. Specification International Standard Nugreen Energy Pellets(6mm Diameter)
1 GCV >4000 >4300 Kcal/kg
2 ASH <2% Below 2%
3 Bulk Density >600 kg/M3 >630 kg/M3
4 Moisture <10% Below 9%
5 Durability >97.5% >98%

PETROLET TM - Biomass Cum Oil Sludge Pellets

Specifically, for the PCRA, Ministry of Petroleum we were tasked to use the oil sludge with the refineries. We have been able to develop the Pellet called PETROLET.

It is a combination of predominantly biomass in which the extremely difficult waste in form of semi solid sludge is blended and pelletized.

We have successfully made the pellet with a low Sulphur and negligible nitrogen content.

DOLOLET TM - Biomass Cum Dolochar Pellets

ANOTHER revolutionary product made is blending the largest industrial waste of the iron and steel industry which is the almost unusable high ash waste which is generated at 25 tons per 100 tons of iron made.

With our proprietary processes and research, we have developed a predominantly biomass based pellet and used dolochar to make it reusable where it is generated.


Thus, a low-cost pellet with energy nsity,low moisture below 8 percent, ash around 10 %, GCV around 4200-4400 kcal/kg comes into use

TOROLET TM- Torrefaction Based Pellets

Given our expertise in the pelleting of virtually any biomass residue we have obtained the technology for torrefaction from abroad .

The low-cost technology will give a major boost to the already identified programme for various power sectors to use torrefied biomass pellets .

We can torrefy any kind of Agro wastes. Most limited for Torrefaction would be forest waste, groundnut shell, almond/walnut shell, maize stalk/cobs, coffee husk, arhar stalk, cotton stalk, paddy straw, etc.  

PINOLET TM 100% - Pine Needles Pellets

 Based on our interventions with several agencies such as TERI, IIT etc. Two years back we developed 100% PINOLET.

Forest residues consists of small trees, branches ,tops, and un-merchantable wood left in the forest after the cleaning, thinning or final felling of forest stands, used as fuel without any intermittent applications.

We have made pellets out of pine needles. We are the first to make 100% pine needle pellets.

Renewable Pellet Fuel Vs. Other Renewable Energy Sources

Renewable Pellet Fuel


Other Renewable Sources

Type Renewable Investment Subsidy For Equipment Subsidy For Clean Energy Generation Technology Obsolescence Land Required
Hydro Yes Very High Required Required Almost Nil High Displacement
Solar Yes Very High Required Required Very Fast 5-6 Acre/MW
Wind Yes Very High Required Required Fast 10 Acre/MW
Pellets Yes Low Not Required Not Required Almost Nil Small Track Of Land